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26 June 2017


Better to put the dog in a kennel. Or find a dog sitter also the poor animal has to fly without ear protection in a light aircraft this is very noisy.

If you have to stop at an airfield in the uk it's no big deal you can then continue your internal flight look to see what the GAR platform has to say this is where you register people traveling with you on a flight for customs.

Good luck with your ppl you might consider contacting Roger at Limoges air club he is an excellent teacher instructor and it's far less expensive than in the uk 🇬🇧 you can still get your uk ppl with him and he had with lots of experience with crossing channel.


This subject arose before, possibly on the Flyer forum, and I'm not entirely certain you can take dogs in a light aircraft.

Daft, I know, but a call to possibly a charter company ( exec jets or light twins, i.e. London Exec) will shed some light on it.

You can get dog ear defenders over the internet, our dogs love flying...I think!

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