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10 July 2017


Hi Trevor

This is a question which often came-up when I was a member of the Aeroclub de Limoges.

Most, but not all, French Flying Clubs seem to be associated with the The Fédération Française Aéronautique (FFA) which is a body representing the interests of Flying Clubs and Pilots.

Clubs associated with the FFA will generally insist that you join but does that make it a 'legal' requirement?

One benefit of FFA membership is the provision of personal 3rd-party insurance which, as I understand it, is a legal requirement for flying French-registered aircraft in France.

This does not appear to be an issue for visiting UK aircraft.

I do know some aircraft owners who purchase such insurance directly and, as mentioned, not all flying clubs are FFA members.

The secondary question is whether you need it before going solo as clubs do seem to provide trial lessons and 'air experience' flights without this being required.

I never did get the 'full story' on this and would be interested to have a clear understanding of 'the rules' myself.



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