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25 May 2018


Bonjour Bill

Look carfully at your on route notams and check the active hours for the military zones. You can phone to find out the active hours.

Good luck with your flight

Regards George

Bonjour Bill & Family ...Hope you will enjoy your sejour , visit in BDX / Gironde area...& have time to fly around the Bay of ARCACHON at sundown..I think it's worth taking the time ...Bon séjour..

Bordeaux University has a training hotel and restaurant which RAFA Sud Ouest use for their AGM.

Not expensive, comfortable and staff, mainly uni students on hospitality courses, courteous and helpful.

Might be worth a look

Ian Gawn

Second thought, not sure it is open at weekends as students may go home for the weekend. Pity


Dear Bill,

Many years ago we got clearance through the overhead at Bordeaux to land and overnight at Arcachon.

We camped nearby, probably been lots of changes since but may be worth a call.

Good Flying.


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