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16 August 2018



Regarding your search for UK flight Examiner in France you could try Limoges air club ther is a Uk instructor called Roger Sprague

There's two clubs at Limoges within the same airport.
Good luck


Hi Thomas,

You don’t need an FE to do this, although an FE can.

An FI can do it for you if they have FCL.945 privilege on their FI rating.

That's not an answer to your question but it might make it easier to find someone.

I can do it.

I’m an FI with FCL.945 but unfortunately I am in Jerez in Spain.

Fly safe and enjoy


Hi Thomas

I have the same licences as you but have always gone back to the UK.

I may be wrong but as an EASA licence holder can't you simply use a French examiner? I used to do this when I had a PPL(A)/SEP?

I thought this was the whole point of EASA; unification and all that...

Best of luck

David Walsh

Thanks for your answers.

From what I understood, a non-UK examiner can only sign if he did my "competency check". I would like to avoid doing such a competency check and revalidate only by experience as I have the required hours.

Regarding FCL.945, same here : I think the FI can sign only if he did the 1-hour flight, and my recurrent sims count towards that so I'd rather avoid doing this flight I don't need.
All I need is paperwork and I'm not a big fan of sending my original logbook to the CAA by post, that's why I'm looking for a FE/CRE.

I found Roger Sprague's website, I'll get in touch with him, thank you!


I am coming to Paris On 9 September 2018 through 10 October 2018, I too wish to rent a plane. I am a private pilot with instrument rating. Working on my commercial right now. Looking to rent ether a single engineer engine complex like an Arrow or Mooney, or a 184 or 172. I prefer the complex aircraft.

Do I need to be checked out by a CFI and can you tell me the approximate wet rate. If you con respond to me at 916-995-7811 I would greatly appreciate it.

Merci beaucoup,

Boba tea

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