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01 October 2018


A very good question Andy.

The fact that it needs to be asked at this late stage is an indication of the complete 'Pig's Ear' that our Government have made of the Brexit process.

Only now are questions on the validity of flying licences and even driving licences being addressed.

The other day, I noticed that the CAA published some advice to the effect that there would be no problem with flying G-registered aircraft, in France, on a UK-issued licence but that doesn't address your question.

From early discussions on Francoflyers, I imagine that any ICAO licence-holder will be able to fly an F-registered aircraft in day/VFR conditions but even those discussions were surrounded in confusion and uncertainty.

I would think that the licences would be permitted under the ICAO rules ie. Chicago Convention. The french arent exactly hot on paperwork so i wouldnt think there should be any huge problems. Flying in Germany might be.If you think yo have problems, i have a CZ ppl, english rt licence and an irish medical. never had any trouble.I will be moving to France in the autumn, and will be changing all except the rt licence for French equivalents.

Hi Andy

I did this last year. The CAA charged me I think 80 quid to send the documents to France but it's just a question of filling in the forms. The French DGAC were very helpful - and they don't charge.

Living in France but holding a UK licence meant I had to get my medicals done in the UK. The last straw for me was when our friends at Cancel All Aviation charged me £108 to revalidate my licence, a process previously free and instant simply by having an instructor endorse my logbook. Now I'm all set for Brexit.

The other interesting thing was that the CAA insisted they had no record of having issued me with an IMC rating and asked me if I'd flown IFR. I said that as they had my logbook they could see that I had. The person I spoke to did admit that there were many others in the same boat so I think that they mislaid the records.

To change an EASA UK PPL to a French EASA PPL, see: ecologique-solidaire.gouv.fr/sites/default/files/08FORMLIC.pdf

Bon Courage! I have already changed my licence, and now I am getting my wife's licence changed too. Whether you can get two licences - UK and FR - i don't know. We only fly "F" aircraft.

Robin Renton

Many thanks everyone.

So I'm going to try to convert my licence to a French issued license. Once I've either succeeded, or failed, I'll post my finding here.

Many thanks


Good morning,

I am a brit living in Pau. I recently renewed my SEP and I am about to complete my NVFR training. I must say I am somewhat concerned by Brexit and I hope all my efforts will not be in vain. I see that we can do a SOLI with DGAC but I would need level 4 french which I currently do not have (I can speak on and understand french coms though - I focused on this mainly for safety). Has anyone explored doing a SOLI with the Irish authorities?

All the best,

I'm in the same boat. I'm an Irish citizen recently moved to SW France with a UK-issued EASA SEP licence. I've sold my plane in the UK but I'm hoping to be able to continue to fly in France, either by down-sizing to a French-registered personal flexwing or by renting club planes. Anyone got any advice about what do do about licencing?

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