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07 July 2020


Hi Graham

You might find some useful information on this French ULM Facebook Group.



Les King


Contact Roger at Limousin Flying Club, he is a CFI there and he will help..

It’s based at Limoges Airport, I’m sure you can take the exams etc in English... I have my U.K. ppl and fly there as a member...

His email is:

Good luck


ISTR there is now again an English instructor licensed to instruct in English at Limoges.

Good luck

Ian Gawn

Hi Graham

I have a UK PPL, It was 3 years out of date and all I needed to do in France was have a medical and 2 hours of check rides., however due to circumstances I have had to let it lapse again.

So as we speak, I am converting to a French ULM licence, medical was a letter from the doctor and I did 3 hours on Monday and 2 today and I hope to have my licence. Its very easy but be careful, one instructor told me it would take 20 hours !!!

Just for your info and anyone else who’s interested, I have started a Facebook group to try and encourage group flying, we have 450 in the group but its like pulling teeth to get them all talking about forming a group. But maybe worth a try if you’re interested just search “ULM copropriete France”

Hope that helps



I'd skip involving the DGAC if you just want to fly ULMs in France.

The rules keep changing, I'd advise contacting the ULM base at Monpezat and talking to their instructors (they speak English).


I had the usual UK PPL licences a few years ago and to obtain a French ULM qualification was just a matter of a few circuits and some minor (by French standards) paperwork, which was dealt with by ULM Stex. I did have current licences though.

Unless there have been some recent changes the ULM and "proper" aircraft licensing & maintenance in France are quite different animals.

I'm living local to Montpezat; nice site, friendly staff, good secure hangarage... I've no affiliation to them.

They are operational.

All the best

David Walsh

Hi All

Thank you for your various responses and my apologies for the delayed response.

I will try Roger Sprague at Limoges and avoid the DGAC as suggested.

I did go and talk to someone at a joint microlight/light aircraft establishment by Bordeaux and I was informed that I would only need the basic medical, a few flying hours and a very good command of French speaking radio. I also spoke to someone at the Montpezat school as suggested by David. They told me I would need to do the French ULM theory test. I think my french would be OK to do it but I would rather avoid unnecessary pain. That said, it looks like the general consensus from the people in this forum is that I would not need to do the theory test.

Many thanks for taking time to respond.


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