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06 March 2021


Hi Colin,

i re registered my Irish registered Shadow last year, a painless procedure, and at the moment all done online. My email is rocam22000@hotmail.com if you need more info.


Roger Camp

Hi Colin Smith,

Re: UK ULM conversion to French registration.

Whilst this is theoretically possible you'd have to be a masochist to voluntarily enter into the French bureaucracy involved, especially post Brexit.

If you are a fluent French speaker and enjoy wading through treacle and spending money this could be just what you need to fill your days.

My advise would be DO NOT DO IT!

I spent much time and monies getting a German built glider trailer into the French system: it was a nightmare and this was for two founder members of the EU with a common road border.

You might have thought that after 40 years of bureaucratic "harmonisation" across Europe that changing the registration documents on a trailer would be simple: think again.

The simple bit was dealing with the German authorities (I have no German), they were pretty efficient.....

Sell your UK aircraft and buy in France, an additional advantage is that there are far more ULM aircraft & types available here in France.

All the best,

David Walsh
SW France

Hi David, I agree to a certain extent with your comments, but i found the DGAC to be more than accomodating (it is a bit different than a trailer). I downloaded the forms and using googl translate i completed them and sent them by email to the DGAC, less than 3 weeks i had the provisional PtF. It might be worthwhile to purchase a ULM here in france but i dont see or have seen anything cheaper than the UK and you will still have to "wade" through the treacle to re register in your name, Regards Roger

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